Twerk with Monse!

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Online courses are available 01.12.2020!

Right about now, twerk soul sister!

Do you...
  • wish to develop your twerking skills?
  • hope to find a new hobby?
  • want to learn more about the pedagogical aspect in twerking?
  • feel that you could be better in Twerking?

    Well, get ready to become stronger and gain back your hip mobility with Twercademy! I've developed a method that will help you finally understand even the tiniest aspects of twerking!

    I guarantee you, that after the first session with Twercademy you will see how much easier it feels and how much sense it makes!

    It is not as hard as it looks when you are doing the right technique!

    Twercademy is what can hep you have a better understanding and connection with your body. Everything you need to know is in this course. Having awareness of your body has never been this fun!

    I invite you to join us and explore your true potential as a booty shaker, you will be surprised with your own results after the first course!
  • Good for your soul

    Embrace twerking with all the hidden energy within your soul. Find new ways to express your inner feelings thru music and motions!

    Good for your heart

    Twerking is not only fun, but also a healthy choice for you body. Moving your muscles thru music is an ideal excercise for your health and well-being!

    Good for your body

    Challenge you body and let it move the way never before! Twerking makes your middle torso sing and scream. Your posture gets better and overall look sexier!


    You might wanna shake it because...

  • you want to learn the basics of twerking in a safe and fun way.
  • you have been injured before or have gotten lower back/knee pains after participating in a twerk class
  • you want to challenge yourself and create new ways of twerking.
  • you want to get your hip mobility to a better state
  • you want to strengthen your core and back
  • Well wait no more, as we have created something just for you. The courses are fun, educational and good for you!

    Full TwerkOff
    5 weeks

    The all-inclusive package. Beginner or novice, this has all you need!


    5 weeks

    Interested in just the choreography? This package is for you! Warm up is included, naturally.

    15 €

    Technique blast
    5 weeks

    Maybe you're just starting twerking or you just want to fine-tune your technique? This is for you!

    15 €

    1 ON 1 with Monse

    Get personal advice and guidance from me! I'll join you on your twerk journey. Different packages available.

    49 €

    Monse from the block

    My mission is to share awareness and importance of the movements used in twerking through professionally designed videos. Reminding you of the beneficial effects you can have from twerking if practiced the right way. Having real results for anyone despite the background in dancing.

    I believe that self awareness helps with self doubt. Finally there's a program for twerking where you can achieve your desires! No need to doubt your skills. I have the right tools for you to practice at your own pace.

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    Better than sex and cheesecakes!

    Monse, as a teacher, is patient and always describes the technique very precisely so that we learn the technique as well as possible! Monse as a teacher is very bright, positive and encouraging. In her classes, you cannot be in a bad mood😊. She dares to give us challenges, both in terms of improvisation as more more difficult exercises.


    Monse Is the type of person we need more in the dancing industry, She starts her classes as a nature- child and being herself by letting each one of us accept ourselves just as we are. Twerk is the best thing that has happened to me for a long time and I can finally believe that I have a bright future ahead of me.


    I would not have started twerking if Monse weren't the teacher in it. Monses classes have a safe and warm feeling where I have ventured to challenge my own uncertainties. In Monses classes, everyone gets to practice on their own level and with their own style. Still, I like that she teaches the techniques carefully, it makes it easier to practice at home.


    Monse’s class comes with the feeling that twerking is for everyone and everyone gets to dance in their own style. Monse’s energy and personality is absolutely wonderful and brings a very unique atmosphere to all her lessons. Everytime you will have a welcoming feeling.