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Hello loves!

My name is Monse, I'm the founder and owner of Twercademy. I started my journey as a dancer when I was 16, from then on I have known that it was my destiny to fulfill myself as a dancer and dance teacher.

I'm currently living in Finland/Suomi, I moved here with my family when I was just a teenager. Originally I'm from Chile, and my native language is Spanish. The first time I got in touch with this booty dance was officially in 2015. Before that, I had danced with many dance styles that included the pelvis and hips activation in many ways.

In 2017 I got accepted to study dance pedagogy at the university of Savonia in the city of Kuopio. I'm more than grateful for my studies because, thanks to that, I can be of better service and help my students have a better understanding of the human body and movement.

After learning how to twerk from scratch and trying different methods and ways on how to relax and control my pelvis area, I finally understand how it works. I truly believe im a trustful twerk teacher. I have applied my teachings to my students, after a couple of times they've come to my classes, they already learned the movements! How fascinating is that! That proved to me that twerking is easy and anybody can do it.

The truth is, ANYBODY can dance. You have to believe in yourself and allow yourself to try many times. It's okay to forget, it's okay to fail. Eventually, you will achieve what is that you are reaching.

Our bodies are designed to connect with our minds, to connect with us. Now you finally have the opportunity to get in touch with yourself.

I found myself very curious and inspired by those types of dances where you only continuously move your lower body area. I find it fascinating. I truly believe that it is part of our womanhood and cherishing our fertility and feminine energy as women. I believe twerking is extremely beneficial for us women to relieve the energy and stress that is built upon our lower body area. Not to forget the benefits it gives us emotionally as physically. The best part of it, it's so much fun!!!

No matter the shape, color, ethnicity, sex, or beliefs, dance is for everyone, and it is in us. I welcome you to explore your movement and improve your relationship with your pelvis today!

See you in the virtual classes, darling!

Finnish Twerking Champion 2016

Finnish Twerking Champion 2018

3rd Place World Championships 2019

3rd Place Russian Championships 2019

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