Twercademy online courses

What can we give to you

  • Professional help and guidance from a dance teacher.


  • Different tools and techniques to make the exercises work regardless of baseline level.
  • Feedback from me 1-on-1 to check up on results or any difficulties
  • New, creative ways on how to move your hips.
  • Assistance in your journey getting back your own hip mobility through dance movements.
  • Quality teaching and guidance to learn twerk moves easily.
  • An environment that helps you embrace your goddess energy.

What will you get

  • Train where you want, when ever you want.
  • A fun way to exercise daily.
  • Quality teaching to help develop your own twerk style.
  • Better understanding of your own body.
  • Getting in touch with your divine feminine energy.
  • Don’t have to do it alone! Share this experience with a friend and try it together.


online courses


In challenging times there no other better way than take the challenge and make it happen! I will literally be with you this whole journey of the lockdown and in real-time. Each video will have a duration of 45-60min and you will feel as I’m there right by your side <3 I’m going to be pushing you to become stronger not just physically but also emotionally and mentally. You will have access to contact me if there is anything that you need with the courses and I will gladly answer your questions after every video that you have watched. Now is our time to shine even tho it seems that things are getting harder. We are doing this together and we will become better than before! <3

What is included:

  • 21 Videos everyday in Finnish
  • Technique and pedagogy
  • Choreography
  • Improvisation
  • Get stronger workouts
  • Inspiration and guidance
  • Access to online course:

    3 MONTH


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    Warm up preview

    Full TwerkOff package

    The all-inclusive package for you who want to go FULL ON WITH TWERKING!

    With this package you will have everything that you will need to start or improve your journey as a booty shaker. The tools and explanations will be included in every video, made with love and passion! 

    For me, there is nothing more important than having a comprehensive warm-up. It is the base for everything in dancing. The technique is an amazing follow up for the choreography – it supports the basic movements that will be needed in the choreography. Don’t be afraid of trying new ways of movement and experimenting! Most importantly HAVE FUN SWEETIE <3

    What is included:

  • Warm up (15min video)
  • Technique (16min video)
  • Choreography (9min video)
  • Feedback
  • Access to online course:

    5 weeks


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    Technique preview

    Technique blast

    Professional guidance with twerking technique, with this you can't go wrong!

    This package is perfect for you, if you haven’t ever twerked in your life before. Now is the time to let that fear go and see your true potential! I’m here for you. 

    This is for you also, if you feel that there are some technical elements that are missing within your movements, or you just want to achieve an overall improvement with your twerking skills! I go very deep into tiny details with this one. Don’t worry, I wont be lecturing for long, there will be giggles and fun. <3 

    What is included:

  • Warm up (15min)
  • Technique (16min)
  • Feedback
  • Access to online course:

    5 weeks


    Play Video

    Choreography preview


    The most detailed guidance ever! This is the challenge you need.

    Let’s get right into it! This is a bit more challenging without previous experience. With this you will find your own musicality. Now, I want to make clear that you don’t have to move exactly as me. I am just giving you the base of continuous movements for you to follow and perform them, your best way possible! 

    Practice and repetition will make you remember this choreo in your sleep. Each time you perform this, it will feel more easy to achieve. I would love to see your development with this choreography so feel free to send me video material of your progress. Enjoy and have lots of fun!

    What is included:

  • Warm up (15min video)
  • Choreography (9min video)
  • Feedback
  • Access to online course:

    5 weeks


    1 ON 1 with Monse

    Get personal advice and guidance from me! lets build your twerk journey together!

    I’m SO happy about this one. I can finally connect with all of you and give you the teachings that you need. This session is all about you. I’m here for you and I will personally find ways for you to learn the best way possible how to pop/lock or jiggle that booty. 

    We will have discussions about our pelvis and its function, the different styles and aspects of twerking and its origin. Most importantly, we will focus on the improvement that you want and need personally in your twerk journey. 

    So, it doesn’t matter how long you have been twerking, I will adapt to your ability. Before our session, we will discuss your needs and desires! Can’t wait to see you online! MUCH LOVE!

    What is included:

  • Zoom call (each session 45-60min)
  • private class / group class.
  • Customized

    Fully customized and personalized video will be recorded and sent to your email

    Access to online course:

    1 session 49€

    4 sessions 140€

    6 sessions 180€

    8 sessions 200€

    Come and join our twerking family!

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