1 ON 1 with Monse (1 session)




I’m all yours! I’m soo happy about this one. I can finally connect with all of you and give you the teachings that you need. This session is all about you. I’m here for you and I will personally find ways for you to learn the best way possible how to pop/lock or jiggle that booty. We will have discussions about our pelvis and its function. We will talk about the different styles or aspects about twerking and its origin. Most importantly, we will focus on the improvement that you want and need personally in your twerk journey. So it does not matter how long you have been twerking, I will adapt to your discunstances and we will create an amazing platform full of tools for you to understand the easiest and fun way possible how to connect with your body and work that booty! Before our session, we will discuss what are your needs and what desires you wish to have in our session! Can’t wait to see you there! MUCH LOVE!


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